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Must have wedding photos!

Hey there 🙂 As these days I hang a lot with photographers I decided to write a bit about wedding photos. OK, I am not an expert so I prefer to share some of the photos I was impressed by, rather then writing about the composition, the light, techniques etc. 😀

While looking at some of these photos, I can say I regret we didn’t take some at our wedding. That’s why I decided to share some of really cool wedding photos with you, hoping you will see them timely and get some ideas. I prefer spontaneous photos, but I just couldn’t resist those. As your wedding day is ones in a life time (mostly 🙂 ) feel free to take photos of whatever you want. Trust me, you will feel fine while awakening memories of the best day of your life.

Don’t forget to take wedding prep photos, the photos with mum and dad, with bridesmaids and groomsman, with family and friends, with your children and children invited to the party. So, here are some of the photos I think you shouldn’t miss in your wedding album.

Photos with bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually funny and cool but can also be pretty emotional.

Photos with parents are definitely the most emotional. Make sure you have plenty of these.

Newlywed photos… <3 Use the wedding venue well 🙂

Photos with children. Doesn’t matter it the kids are yours  or not, these photos are always funny 🙂

Photos with all the dear people, family and friends…

Have a four-legged friend? Include it in wedding photo shooting!


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