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Personalized & unique wedding experience

In Slovenia, your love story will be celebrated in the most beautiful way,
 with a personal touch from me, ensuring that your wedding is not just 
 an event, but a cherished memory for a lifetime.
Can’t wait to meet you!

Toop! Zeloo, zeloo priporočam.

"Brez Tatjane najin dan ne bi bil tako sproščen in sanjski. Organizira vse od A do Ž, spomni te tudi na stvari, na katere neveste velikokrat pozabimo 🙂 Je ena najbolj srčnih in pridnih oseb kar jih poznam. Kar sem si zaželela, sem dobila 😍🔝."


Dear future newlyweds

I am thrilled you have decided to get married and are already busy planning your "big day". 

You’ve probably already realized that organizing a wedding is an exciting but sometimes daunting feat, especially when you want to spend a relaxed, joyful day with your loved ones while making sure that every little detail is meticulously planned and executed according to your hearts’ desires.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all alone. As a wedding planner with in-depth knowledge of Slovenian wedding venues and a wide network of tried and tested providers I am here to help you navigate and negotiate the best choice of venue, music, attire, decor, bouquet, shoes, photographer, hairstyle, and gifts for the guests down to the smallest details – to make sure your wedding day will be unforgettable and talked about for years to come.

As you dream of your perfect wedding, make Slovenia your first choice. A wedding in Slovenia means you can say your vows in a church on Lake Bled and seal it with a reception at a manor or castle hotel.

Top locations

Slovenia: A Treasure Trove of Wedding Venues

Beyond the church on Lake Bled’s island, Slovenia boasts a variety of stunning venues. From the sun-kissed Adriatic coast to the quaint, cobblestone streets of Ljubljana, every location delivers and exceeds its promised beauty and uniqueness.

Lake Bled

Known for its iconic church on an island and breathtaking mountain views.

Lake Bled

Known for its iconic church on an island and breathtaking mountain views.

Lake Bled

Known for its iconic church on an island and breathtaking mountain views.

Your Stress-Free

Slovenian Wedding Experience

If you are worried that a destination wedding might be overwhelming, especially in terms of language barriers and local customs, wedding planners are here to prove otherwise. I will be your ally from step one, fully committed to navigating the intricate details of Slovenian weddings for you and ensuring that you enjoythe cheapest destination wedding in Europe stress-free.

My commitment is to offer you a personalized and unique Slovenian wedding experience. Whether you desire a wedding at Lake Bled, on Bled Island or Bled Castle, or at any other enchanting location in Slovenia, I am here to make that happen.

Join me in Slovenia, where your wedding dreams become reality, and every wedding venue opens the door to a lifetime of memories.

Why would you trust me with the grand task of organizing your wedding? Well, I have combinedmy favorite hobbies – an interest in music, a passion for decorating, and a knack for organizing events – into my dream job. It started with organizing birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties and other social gatherings during my event management studies and has grown into a full-blown love for organizing weddings, which requires great precision, creativity, and the experience I’ve gained working in Slovenia and abroad.

I was once a bride myself (fortunately, not a “runaway” one!). I still remember the nervousness, stress, expectations, and the beautiful feelings that await you on this journey. With my help, you will only enjoy the good sides of wedding planning, and I will make sure that the preparations run smoothly and that your day is a seamless and unforgettable experience. I will invest all of me into the process, as if my daughter or best friend was getting married, so you can be sure that I will think about and take care of every little detail for you.


I am glad that I could be a part of their fairy tale
Organizacija porok

Alja & Miloš

Naš par

Very nice and pleasant person from the first day we meet. Organised and helpful with everything and always available. On the day of the weeding I didn’t worry about a thing or had to do it by myself she did all and more. ❤️ We were in love with the day that Tatjana helped made possible. ❤️


Poslovni partner

Tatjana vedno sčara čudovito pravljico za zaročence. Toplo priporočam.

Lea & Matjaž

Naš par

Thank you and for making our special day so perfect! Every vendor you helped us choose was amazing. They were professional and so detail oriented. As you said, we felt like being guests. Our wedding day was stress free and fantastic. Thank you for making our wedding day sooo magical.


Naš par

Toop! Zeloo, zeloo priporočam. Brez Tatjane najin dan ne bi bil tako sproščen in sanjski. Organizira vse od A do Ž, spomni te tudi na stvari, na katere neveste velikokrat pozabimo 🙂 Je ena najbolj srčnih in pridnih oseb kar jih poznam. Kar sem si zaželela, sem dobila 😍🔝.

About me

I am Tatjana, a passionate wedding planner.

Wedding planning has been my passion for over 10 years, so I can get you some “friends-and-family” discounts with certain vendors. I will use all my strength, connections, ideas, imagination, and practical experience to help you ensure a completely worry-free day that will charm you and all your guests (including the most difficult aunt in the family).

With me as your wedding planner, you are never just a number. I only agree to work with couples whom I believe I can truly help create the perfect wedding story. I want to get to know you and learn as much as possible about you because only then can we create a wedding story like no other…

This means that we will spend quite some time together, and I will probably shed a tear or two at your wedding and even lure a grandpa who claims he doesn’t like to dance onto the dance floor).

I admit… satisfied couples give me a lot of energy to move forward, as their kind words and happy faces confirm that I am on the right path. I promise that your wedding will be talked about for a long time.

Tatjana, your wedding planner and ally on this beautiful journey.


P.S. You can drop me a message below…

I will be happy to answer your questions about wedding organization. Asking  a question or two does in no way make you obligated to continue working with me. If we are the right fit for each other, we will surely find a way to connect.

Book a call

As your dedicated wedding planner, I will handle every aspect of your wedding in Slovenia. From venue selection to coordinating with local vendors, I will make sure that your wedding reflects your vision, while you enjoy the romance and beauty of Slovenia.

Don’t worry if you’re not from Slovenia. I specialize in making destination weddings smooth and worry-free. I understand the nuances of international weddings, including legal requirements, and can guide you through every step.

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